OLA Cabs Success Story OLA Founders Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati Biography

OLA Cabs Success Story OLA Founders Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati Biography
OLA Cabs Success Story OLA Founders Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati Biography

Roti Kaplore Makan may be the modest ambition of Indians. But the founders of Ola believe that transport should be added to that list now. It is with this kind of bully that the two alumni of IIT Bombay are rapidly expanding operations of their online taxi aggregation firm which was set up in 2010 to address the transport wars of the country. This is the story of Bhavish Agarwal and Angit Patti who built Ola caps as one of the biggest online taxi service in the world.Which is currently valued at over $5 billion dollars.

Born in Ludhiana Bhavish was just like every other success driven entrepreneur as he began his career at a very early age. Soon after he completed his BTEC from IIT Bombay in two thousand eight. He started his career with Microsoft research India as a research intern and later got reinstated as an assistant researcher. During his more than two years of stent with Microsoft. Bhavish managed to file two patents and also got three papers published in the international journals. Now what many aren’t aware is the fact that why he was at Microsoft. He had also turned into a blogger and had founded his own called Desi Tech.in.Desi Tech was all about hosting content which was mainly focused in technologies which again were inclined towards the Indian scenario. This content was a collection of startups in India, events and any other exclusive news. Well, it was exactly then that Pavish took the biggest decision of his life and quit his job at Microsoft to start his own venture.

He initially started off as OlaTrip. com. A website that offered customers package weekend trip. However, that was not the turning point in his life. The real turn K when Pavish had a bad experience while renting a car. The driver of that car stopped right in the middle of the road and started renegotiating the deal with Pavish. When Pavish refused to agree to his terms, the driver proceeded to abandon him in the middle of the road. The entrepreneurial headed Pavish instead of whining about the situation or rather the problem. Decided to solve it good and at large and hence came to the four Ola cabs.That was one for the first time he could vision the amount of potential a cab booking service could have. Ola was a collective prodigy of Pavish Agarwal and Ankit Patty and was officially owned by ANI technologies private limited. Their solution was simply introducing a technology that bridged the gap and connected the cab owners with commuters through the internet, telephone or a mobile phone app.However, just like every starting entrepreneur story. Even Pavish’s parents too didn’t support his new venture and for them he was as good as a travel agent.

But nevertheless their support increased as they got their first round of angel investment from Snap Deal founder Kunal Bhal, Rehan Yar Khan and Anupam Mittal. Simply putting it their strategy was to leave no stone unturned. Peach attending customer calls to driving a passenger to the airport while managing the operations. They did everything. During that time with the rough potential monthly income of 1.five lakhs. Literally every driver even including many part timers did anything to get themselves attached with Ola. Well with the help of such long term strategies. The company began to grow at the speed of light. Currently OlaCabs has its presence in 102 cities in India. With over 350, 000 vehicles 25 million customers and as many as one million request everyday. The success they are tasting today is the result of the hard work they put in initially.In the early days of Ola. Bhavish did everything. From photographing drivers to providing customers a and Angit used to go twenty-four by seven. There were also few cases where Pavish has himself driven a car to drop a customer. Because the driver then show up at the specified time.

Today the average distance covered by Ola vehicles in a day is about forty-three lakh forty thousand seven hundred and seventeen kilometres. That is over 10 times distance between earth and moon. It is also India’s fastest startup to enter the unicorn club and thus it comes as a no surprise that Ola presents a clear example of an Indian product retailing market leadership at 7eight percent. As they chase higher growth both Bhavish and Angit Billy that Ola is not just about customers comfort but also about helping thousands of drivers across the country to become entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact Bhavish Agarwal’s tell dozen Oracar and vows never to own one ever.The story of Ola caps Bhavish Agarwal and Angit Bhatia only mean one thing. That if you put your best efforts in your goal, no force can ever stop you from reaching the pinnacle of success. Startup stories congratulates Olacaps and its founders for the stupendous success. We wish them all the luck for the days to come.


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