Secrets Behind Reliance Success | Dhirubhai Ambani | Mukesh Ambani | Anil Ambani

Secrets Behind Reliance Success Dhirubhai Ambani Mukesh Ambani Anil Ambani
Secrets Behind Reliance Success Dhirubhai Ambani Mukesh Ambani Anil Ambani

Reliance Industries Limited is one of the biggest business empire of India. They are also the second largest publicly traded company with millions of people as their shareholders. It is one of the companies to be listed in fortune 500 at 215th rank and is also among the top 250 global energy companies where it is ranked at number eight. The company continues to grow strong despite the split between Ambani Brothers in two thousand five.

From rags to riches this story has every emotion. From failure to success, from anger to happiness and from criticism to Reliance has seen it all. Indian industry has seen the rise and fall of many corporate houses. But Reliance Industries seemed invincible and have only become stronger by the day. This is the story of how Reliance became one of the biggest conglomerates in the world.

Reliance Commercial Corporation was formed in the 19 sixties and in 196-6 Reliance Textiles Industries Private Limited was founded in Maharashtra. Though it struggled in its early days with absolutely no takers. It slowly marched its way in the market by convincing the traders and soon Vimal became a major brand that Reliance created. Later the company scale to multiple geographies and expanded its business in textiles. Well, Reliance was witnessing tremendous success with its tech business and the board then decided to hold its first IPO. The initial public offering came in 1977 and it was a roaring success with seven fold over subscription.

Reliance Industries Limited was technically formed in 1985 when Reliance Textiles Industries Private Limited was renamed to Reliance Industries Limited. It was done with an eye of expansion to other industry while the textiles department sold in 80s and nineties. There was simultaneous other developments happening in Reliance. 1991 saw Hazira petrochemical plant being commissioned. Making their entry into petrochemicals and energy and soon came Reliance Petroleum.

Later in the year 1995 Reliance entered the telecom market. Reliance petroleum and Reliance Industries continue to grow as the most powerful parts of Reliance Industries. And apart from a minor hiccup with the brothers splitting with each other. Nothing has stopped Reliance Industries in testing success in every department. Well with Reliance year the trend has already been towards further out. Today Reliance Industries Limited is among the top 10 companies in the world in terms of refineries.

Jamnagar complex has 2% of world’s crude processing capacity and is a global hub in the present day. With several ties and partnerships from major parts of the world. Explorations and production is one of the key places of interest of Reliance. Even today Reliance Industries Limited’s manufacturing division at Naroda houses one of the largest and the most modern textile complex in the world. An achievement which was recognised by the world bank itself. Lately Reliance has yet again witnessed to pen success with its four into telecommunication with Reliance GO which is led by Mukesh Ambani.

Within just four months of its launch. The company became the fastest growing technology company in the world. Surpassing the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp. With the current valuation of over two lakh 80, 000 crore. There seems to be no stopping for this ever growing company. Startup stories congratulates Reliance Industries for its phenomenal growth. Vivesh it keeps growing with time and make everyone in India even more proud.


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