Shocking Facts you didn’t know about Mukesh Ambani Reliance Chairman JIO SIM

Shocking Facts you didn't know about Mukesh Ambani Reliance Chairman JIO SIM
Shocking Facts you didn't know about Mukesh Ambani Reliance Chairman JIO SIM

One of the richest persons in the world and MDN chairman of Reliance Industries which is the largest Indian private sector enterprise. Mukesh Diruba Ambani is a worthy example of business tycoons carrying forward the legacy. He is the elder son of legendary business leader and he has played a pivotal role in taking Reliance Industries Limited to Zenith of success in his illustrious career. Despite the steep competition from rival tycoon like tatas and villas and allegations of business malpractice. Mukesh Ambani continues his success in various peers of business. Today we talk about the journey of Mukesh Ambani who can easily be called as a rare gem in India’s business sector.Mukesh Ambani was born on April 19th, 1957 to the Indian business legend Dirubay Ambani and wife Kokila Ben Ambani. He has three siblings, one younger brother Ani Lambani and two sisters Deepti Salgokar and Neena Kotari. The family lived in a modest two bedroom apartment till the late 1970s in Puneshwa in Mumbai. Mukesh attended the Hill Grands High School in Mumbai. Where he was a classmate of Anand Jain who is his close associate now.

His younger also attended the same school as him. After completing his high school in Mumbai. He got an engineering degree in chemical engineering from institute of chemical technology at Matungga. He also started his MBA in Stanford University. That he had to discontinue his studies to assist his father in the family startup company called Reliance which was growing fast at that time. After joining the business Mukesh Ambani played a pirateal role in growing the business legacy and diversified into new sectors.

Under his leadership Reliance Industries made of four ranger sectors like petroleum refining, petrochemicals and gas exploration. He also set up Reliance Infocom Limited presently called as Reliance Communications Limited.Later in twenty ten Mukesh Ambani set up the biggest grassroot petroleum refinery plant in Jam Nagar. With this initiative manufacturing capacity of reliance petrochemicals grew substantially. The company has also become a leading player in the retail sector under his leadership and endeavours.

In a successful and enviable business career Mukesh Ambani has gone through some turbulent times too. His fight with younger sibling Anil Ambani was another business tycoon and chairman of Reliance ADA group hogged media attention for a long time. Well lately Mukesh Amani also had a setback when the NDA government slammed a five seventy-nine million dollar fine on Reliance Industries Limited for gas production shortfall. And if these were not enough Mukesh Amani faced hurdles in the form of business malpractice allegations too. His detractors including Aam Ani Party founder Arvin Kejriwal accused him of interfering in the governance of the country.

However, Reliance Industries Limited as well as Mukesh Ambani himself have denied the allegations strongly. The company later had also resorted to legal actions over this controversy.However, despite all these accusations and setbacks, Mukesh Ambani never looked great and was always grow with the time. With the numerous acquisitions made by Reliance Industries Limited the acknowledgement from leading business entities and his firm hold on India’s richest person has not made Mukesh Ambani complecent. His recent success can be seen in the form of Reliance Geo info his telecom arm and his vision which is all set to roll out super fast 4G services at a minimal price.

With Reliance Geo Mukesh Ambani has promised an investment of over one lakh crore in India and will use a Pan India BWA 4G spectrum roll out. Which will cover almost 90% of urban regions and more than two lakh 15, 000 villages. It is being deemed as an aggressive move by industry analyst at a time when telecom companies are buying for 4 G dominance.However, Mukesh Ambani was very confident with Reliance Geo. It is with this confidence and Mukesh Ambani’s will power. That Reliance Geo had a record sixteen million subscribers within one month of launch and the subscriber base are increasing by the day.

Today Mukesh Ambani lives with his family in Mumbai in a private 27 story building named Antalia. His residence is known to be one of the most expensive residential places ever built in the world. It is currently valued at over $1 billion dollar. Well with a strong vision and his continuous effort. Mukesh Ambani is today regarded as one of a gem of a businessman. Who is respected and followed across the world for his brilliant leadership and execution skills.We salute Mukesh Ambani for his towering ambitions and hope he continues to take reliance industries to greater heights with time.If there is one person whom every startup enthusiast idealises then it is none other than Ratan Tata who is one of the most successful business persons in


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