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Vijay Shekhar Sharma Biography Paytm Founder Success Story

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The man who always wears a welcoming smile stands true to every word he said during the most difficult times of his life. The man who built a company which is currently valued at over $3 billion dollars in the market. Is none other than Vijay Shekhar Sharma. The co-founder and CEO of India’s biggest Fintech company. Paytm was nothing but a dream that he dreamt.When he was struggling to make ends meet with just 10 rupees in his pocket. However, if you thought that it was for Vijay to build a 3 billion dollar company then it was certainly not. He tasted the victory the hard way and it was all because of his hard work and dedication. Today we talk about the exceptional journey of Vijay Shekhar Sharma and how he turned his vision into a $3 billion dollar business empire.

Life tested him right from the beginning of his journey to become one of the most influential people in the business world today. Vijay was a child prodigy of SARS as he passed his higher secondary when he was just 14 years old. However, making it through college was the first tough challenge that he faced. When he left the cozy comfort of a small hometown outside Aligarh and ventured into the real world.

Coming from a very humble background. Vijay did not know how to read and write English as he completed his school education completely in Hindi. However, he soon enough that to make it through college he must start learning the language first and with the help of books second hand magazines and his friends he started learning the new language however even after 100% dedication to learn the new language Vijay was struggling to learn English and he had to survive the rigours of engineering college and that twin a metropolitan city like Delhi. Normally anyone else in his situation would have quit.

But Vijay was something else.He to build and use the time that he had from not attending college by turning into an entrepreneur. A believer in challenging the unknown. He made the internet his playground and Sabir Bhatia and Yahoo as his inspiration. He aspired to go to Stanford because that was where Yahoo was built. But realising his lack of financial sources and his challenges with the English language. He decided to emulate some of the genius at Stanford by learning how to code all by himself.

He then started building his own content management system with some of his college mates. Which later went on to being used by some of the biggest news public including the Indian express. It was also during this time when he started his first job at an MNC. But he quit there after six months and built a company of his own with his friends. He later also passed all of his college examinations too.

However, when everything seemed going good for Vijay. It had also become the darkest time of his life. When having his dreams of reaching the Silicon Valley shattered. It was also left bankrupt by his partners. With whom he had just began a business and raised the first round of funding.Later in two thousand five he raised a hefty amount of eight lakhs through his venture. Of which he was count of 40% equity in his company. At this point Vijay was devastated. But Vijay was not a man to give up so easily. In order to make ends meet. He lived at a hostel near Kashmiri gate in Delhi. Skipped meals and worked long distances to attend work or meetings in the southern part of the state.

But things took to a better turn when he began one ninety-seven. The patent company of Patia and the big Yorika moment came in 2011 when he pissed the idea of entering the payment ecosystem in front of his board. The board was not convicted as he was talking about betting the company’s money on a non existent pocket. But to convince everyone he put 1% of his equity on the table. Which was valued at about $2 million dollars around 2011. And it is with this belief that the first Avatar of Patium was born. Going rapidly on to become the next big thing of the startup ecosystem in India.

And ever since then there was no looking back for Vijay and Paytm. Backed by customer trust. Paytm’s stupendous journey to the top of the internet wallet market. Is now a part of startup folklore. But what is unknown is that Paytm also became one of a handful companies worldwide to secure series A funding exceeding hundred million dollars.Vijay believes after building a billion dollar worth company. Maintaining the success is the most difficult part of the journey. And it cannot be done with good teamwork. For that he ensures that the right people are on boarded who share the same passion to build like his. He is also given 4% of his equity to the team. Which is currently valued at 120 million dollars.

Well it is not just the fighting spirit that has which are in the position that he is in today. Despite his engineering background and no formal education in business management. He has the business of a genius. His struggles are the reason why he hates reading fiction. He always believes that a man makes his own destiny and with hard work and dedication. There is no force that can stop one from reaching their goals. Well, we wish Vijay Shekhar Sharma and Paytm all the very best and may he keeps prospering in the field of business.The teenage boy Ritesh Agarwal is the young founder and CEO of OYO rooms. The fastest growing branded network holders offline and online

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