Elon Musk Biography Tesla Motors Hyperloop SpaceX

Elon Musk Biography Tesla Motors Hyperloop SpaceX
Elon Musk Biography Tesla Motors Hyperloop SpaceX

Startup stories an association with all look total.Talent and dedication come together. The result is elon mas. Never want to restone is Has moved from achievement to other all the time. Bringing to the world a fresh idea or invention. Elon has made solar energy affordable for the public through his company Solar City. And has made the dream of an electric car possible and inexpensive with Tesla Motors. If this was not enough his basic space travel adventures have proven to be a major success with a very promising future ahead. Today we talk about the success story of the world’s most daring entrepreneur who has always strived hard to make the world a better place to live.This is the story of Elon Musk.Elon Musk was born in 1971 in South Africa. He didn’t have much of a good childhood. As he kind of had a rough family. However, Elon taught himself computer programming at an early age which allowed him to sell his first program by the age of twelve. He created a space game called blaster and sold it for $500.

Later Elon left home at the age of 17 avoiding serving the South African military. He decided that he wanted to live in the US believing that it is where great things are possible. Not content with two undergraduate degrees. Elon moved to California to pursue PSD in energy physics at Stanford University. However, he quit only after two days at the program to become a part of the internet boom.Elon and his brother launched a software company in 1995 called Zip two. Using $28, 000 of their father’s money. The internet was beginning to expand by leaps and bounds and the newspapers were trying to figure out how they could make the best use of the new medium. The Elon’s company online city guides for newspaper publishers and very soon Zip 2 had won contracts with the major players in the industry including the New York Times and the Chicago tribute.

But things were not very smooth at Zip two. Elon wanted to be the CEO of the company. While the boat stood firm against the move. In the year 19 99 as the Ted bubble was opposing at Zenith. The boat sold the company to compact for $307 million dollar. Along with $34 million dollar in stock options. In the sale Elon received 7% valuing up to $22 million dollars.Later that same year Elon Musk co-founded X dot com an online banking company using 10 million dollars from the sale of Zip two. A year after that with the. com bubble fully popped up and a pre ponderance of tech companies closing their virtual doors. X dot com acquired confinity which was another online financial services firm and its money transfer service called PayPal. It quickly became clear that PayPal was one of the most important elements of the company.

X dot com focused on the service and renamed itself as PayPal in two thousand one. It soon became the online payment system of choice. With the few thousand users multiplying to more than one million users in just a few months. But again boardroom troubles talked Elon Musk was again ousted over CEO share over technical arguments concerning the future architecture of the service. Again those battles were followed by a sale at this time to eBay.

com. At the time of the sale one in four eBay transactions were completed using PayPal. This sale was enormous by internet company standards in 2002 with 1. 5 billion dollar in stock changing hands. Was this Elon received 1$65 million dollar for his 11. 7% stake in PayPal. But even before the PayPal sale had closed. Elon had begun to dream up a miniature experiment greenhouse that he could land on Mars.On the flight back Elon decided to start a company that would build affordable rockets using vertical integration and modular approach of software engineering. Those ideas culminated in the launch of SpaceX in two thousand two. This was perhaps his greatest vision which was yet to yield technology that takes you and I to another planet.Being funded the project alone coming close to $100 million dollars.

Elon spent a majority of his network during that time. Company later also made money. In 2thousand6 Nasa gave SpaceX a contract to develop the Falcon 9 launch vehicle. Which had followed up again with another one point six billion dollar contract in two thousand eight. But beyond headlines and profits. Elon sees SpaceX as filling a vital need. He brought the same public idealism to the brand that gave Elon Musk a rise to fame.Tesla Motors.Initially Elon came in as a lead investor putting seven point five million dollar into a nation car company in addition to bringing his reputation and cash. Elon took an active role in the company. Managing the design of the Tesla Roadster and insisting on a carbon fiber body. He continued to invest in the following years and later took over as a CEO of Tesla Motors in two thousand eight. The company’s first car the Tesla Roadster sold 2 five 00 vehicles in 31 countries.

Later to address the production side of the energy equation. Elon came up with the idea for solar city. Which his cousins Linden and Peter co-founded in two thousand six. The company designs, finances and installs solar panels. It also constructs electric car charging stations in collaboration with Tesla Motors. So far Solar City has more than 15, 000 employees. Elon has promised to build a solar city factory in New York. That would be three times the size of the largest solar plant in the United States.

The company has now grown to become the second largest provider of solar power systems in the United States and Elon is still the largest stakeholder in the company. Elon is someone who is always been far sighted and has always supported futuristic ideas. In 2030, he released a proposal for a hypothetical machine that would carry passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 35 minutes or less.He calls it the Hyperloop and he estimates that it would cost six billion dollars to build a machine. However, if you thought that all of this was a cake walk for the billionaire entrepreneur that it was certainly not.

Elon faced the worst crisis of his career when all of his three companies started collapsing. Things that appeared unneeded had to be closed down. Elon had to lay off one by third of his staff and close Tesla’s branch in Detroit. Later Sola began staggering and the bank that backed their leases pulled out of the deal. Elon Musk was in the fight of his life. With only a week’s worth of cash in the bank.There was little time to resolve. Elon never thought it was possible to have a nervous breakdown. Forced into only one direction in hopes of keeping his empire afloat. Elon decided to raise $40 million dollars out of his own pocket to keep the company going and to keep the dream alive. But after six years of perseverance funding and advancing his companies. Elon Musk tasted success as the fourth launch through SpaceX was a humongous head.And since then there has been no stopping to Elon Musk.

Today most of Elon’s innovative ideas and visions have become true. His learning curves from failures and laws didn’t vanquish his visions and amazing goals for the future. Elon never limits himself to dream big. Whether it be travelling to the moon or Mars to changing the way that we drive and operate cars. Elon Musk has continually strived hard to pursue his goals. To change humanity and live up to the expectations he set for himself in taking risk and sell confidence.Even when years of effort seems to be a loss in the moment. He believes that his success will still prevail. Startup story salutes the courage and vision of Elon Musk. We hope he keeps inspiring many young generations to come.


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